Developing strong mental skills  can help athletes and coaches withstand the mental pressure associated with competition. With time, practice, and proper training, the mental skills associated with peak performance can become as automatic as the physical aspects of any sport.​ In this capacity, Dr. Russo has helped amateur, elite, and professional athletes as well as teams within Division I and Division II athletic departments.
Dr. Russo is a Credentialed ImPACT Consultant, with specific training and expertise in the management of sport-related concussion. Through his training with the founders of the NFL and NHL concussion management programs and his use of ImPACT, Dr. Russo can help athletes, coaches, and parents navigate the recovery process of sports-related brain injury.
Sport Psychology &
Clinical Psychology
Concussion Management
Professor and Mental Health Advocate
Experienced as an associate profession for undergraduate and graduate students. Also a keynote speaker at the local, regional, national, and international level, Dr. Russo can bring his knowledge and expertise to any organization. Given his 15+ years of work in sports, he can train groups, teams, and individuals in the art of peak performance and the cultivation of a championship mindset. 
Stephen Russo, PhD

Clinical and Sport Psychology
Concussion Management
Professor and Mental Health Advocate

Dr. Russo is Licensed in Florida, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.