Sport Psychology Consulting
The mind can affect an athlete’s performance as well as the outcome of competition.  To address this important part of competitive sports, many athletes are turning to sport psychology training in order to maximize their performance.
Develop the Mind of a Champion

Dr. Russo was invited to speak at  the New Developments in Sports Related Concussion Conference  in Pittsburgh, PA - July 2008

Concussion and Sport Psychology

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Dr. Russo is proud to announce that he joined the faculty at Nova Southeastern University this fall in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Dr. Russo is the Director of a new Sport Psychology program with a joint position with the Center for Psychological Studies and the College of Osteopathic Medicine within Nova Southeastern's Health Professionals Division.

Stay tuned for more information. To contact Dr. Russo, please e-mail Dr. Russo.
Acheive Your Goals
Dr. Russo was invited to speak at  the 2nd World Conference on Junior Golf  in Copenhagen, Denmark - September 2006

Dr. Russo was invited to speak at  the 59th Annual Meeting & Clinical Symposium for the National Athletice Trainers Association in St. Louis, MO - June 2008
Dealing with Injury and Death Outside the Athletic Arena
Building the Mind of a Champion